P&M Golf Superstore opened on the 14th of March 2004. Padraig McGrath now a qualified PGA Golf Professional was at the time playing at an elite amateur level around Ireland. In 2003 on a golfing holiday to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in the USA, Padraig visited a number of golf superstores and thought he’d love to open one of his own back home in Ennis. On his journey home after this trip, he turned his business idea into a business plan and eventually into a reality when he opened P&M Golf Superstore the following year. Although I miss playing a lot of golf nowadays, the next best thing is helping golfers reach their potential at a level where they can enjoy their game even more. At P&M Golf Superstore we strive to give top quality service with extremely competitive prices.

We are now in an era of technology where every golfer should get custom fitted to make completely sure the club they are using or looking to purchase are completely suitable to their individual swings. Getting custom fitted by a PGA Golf Professional has huge benefits because they can see if the issues you are having are mainly down to the club not being suitable or whether it’s the golfers swing needs fine tuning. Unless you are qualified at both custom fitting and coaching you simply cannot get the results a PGA Golf Professional can achieve.

I highly recommend all golfers reading this to call one of our PGA Golf Professionals at P&M Golf Superstore and book your appointment to let us help you get the best out of your ability.

Padraig McGrath
PGA Golf Professional / Director
P&M Golf Superstore
Ennis, Ireland
00353 6568 40844